Salary Data of Graduate in Local Singapore University 2014

Recently, I have several friends who had their commencement/graduation ceremonies at various universities in Singapore. How does a choice of degree affect your employability and salary? Luckily for us, this data is available publicly. After cleaning up the data and some simple preprocessing, I have created an interactive visualization using this dataset. Hope this can be of use to people who is contemplating on which courses to take 🙂

Some insights:

  1. SMU and NUS students seems to be getting better basic monthly salary than their NTU counterparts.

  2. Business student generally fairs better than Engineering student in terms of mean basic salary. Top salary goes to Law graduates while the last goes to Arts and Social Sciences graduates.

  3. The mean for business student basic starting pay is $3,464 while that of engineering is $3,263. The highest paid business/finance degree is Business Management Cum Laude of SMU at $4,019 while that of engineering is Aerospace Engineering of NTU at $3,715.
    Business / Finance Degree Basic Salary

  4. In terms of employment rate, professions like teachers (Arts with Education), lawyers, pharmacists, accountant have either 100% or very close to 100% employment rate. At the other end of the spectrum, the lowest employment rate is at 66.70% for Psychology graduates and 73.20% for Sociology graduates.

You can try out this dashboard that I have created yourselves! There are many insights that you can derive from this dashboards that I couldn’t cover in this blog. Let me know what insights you have gathered in the comments below!

Lastly, I would like to add that salary and employability should not be all that one focus on when choosing a university degree in my opinion. Choose a course that you like and you will likely do better than one where you have close to zero interest. Have fun playing with the dashboard!

-Jax Xie

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